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Firefighter P430211

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as firefighters.  Students learn the knowledge and skills needed to become certified Firefighters.  The program follows the State of Florida Firefighter Curriculum which offers comprehensive training that prepares a candidate to take the State Certification exams established by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.

Some of the topics covered include fire alarms and communications, fire behavior, portable extinguishers, fire streams, ladders, hoses, tools and equipment, forcible entry, Personal Protective Equipment and a lot more.

The program is very demanding – both academically and physically. Students need to bring their “A” game as we take on the challenges facing every firefighter every day.


Entrance into either program requires passing a PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST.  This is an intense test. You need to have a minimum understanding of what you can do before we can build on it.  To qualify for the class you MUST be able to demonstrate you can perform 25 push-ups in 2 minutes, 40 sit-ups in 2 minutes AND run/walk a 1.5 mile course in 14:59 or less.  Plus, you will need to complete a 150’ hose pull, hit a Kaiser Sled for a distance of 5’ with a hammer, and complete the “tower evolution.” More information on the “tower” can be obtained from the link at the end of this course listing.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the Florida Minimum Standards Firefighter Examination.  The practical will be completed as part of the course. The written will be scheduled by the student upon notification of a successful practical examination.  Successful passing of these examinations will certify the student as a Florida Certificate of Completion and make them eligible for hire in the State of Florida.


Standalone Firefighter – 492 Clock Hours

Program Dates - August 28, 2023 - February 23, 2024





Estimated  for Florida Residents

Tuition: $1476

Kit/Book Fee: $430

Uniforms, Gear Rental & Misc. Fees: $1803                           

Total: $3709


Basic Skills Requirement

Reading - Scale Score ≥ 597

Math - Scale Score ≥ 627

Language - Scale Score ≥ 608



Location Pay Period Low  Median High
United States        Hourly $12.95 $25.24 $45.09
              Yearly $25,610.00          $37,690.00              $59,560.00
Florida         Hourly          $12.31 $18.12 $28.63
         Yearly $25,610.00 $37,690.00 $59,560.00


Battalion Chief Jake Noa, Program Director

Phone: 850-941-6200 Ext. 2177


Location: EMS AND FIRE PROGRAMS, Building 3, Room 339