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Cooperative Education

Click Here for more information about Cooperative Education and how to apply.

Provides the student with the opportunity to receive on-the-job training from his or her employer.

  • Employment must be in the student's program field.
  • Employer must agree to provide the training that is described in the student's Training Plan.
  • Training must be completed within the same time schedule as if the student were receiving training at George Stone Technical Center.
  • Student must be recommended by his/her instructor. See the DCT/Co-op Coordinator for all required documentation.
  • Student may apply only after completing one half the total hours in his/her program.


The following programs are not eligible for cooperative education:

  • Aviation Airframe Mechanics
  • Aviation Powerplant Mechanics
  • Correctional Officer
  • Cosmetology
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Florida Law Enforcement Academy
  • Home Health Aide
  • Nursing Assistant


"He is learning new techniques and has a good attitude. He is a pleasure to have as an employee." - Tina, Restaurant Owner and Co-op Employer


"He is working out well and learning. I'm impressed with his work." - Jarrod, Automotive Repair Shop owner and Co-op Employer


"Troy is at work on time and ready to go. He has been going good and is currently working on a residential truck." - Steve, Electrical Contractor, Co-op Employer